Virtual Tutoring Service

with Exceptional Results

Virtual Tutoring Service

Teaching and Engaging Students
with Exceptional Results

Virtual Tutoring

Over the past 12 years, TEST SMART®, has specialized in tutoring children of all ages and pride ourselves on our incredible results. Our Virtual Tutoring service remains one of our most popular offerings because it delivers exceptional 1-to-1 customized instruction to students who remain in the comfort and safety of their home. Whether locally, nationally or internationally, our virtual students work with their tutors to build subject mastery and test taking confidence.




Both the teacher and student can use the whiteboard feature as their shared workspace. This keeps a student fully engaged and allows for effective collaboration and deep work to occur. The teacher can test and validate a student's areas of challenge as well as areas of strength and comprehension.



Being able to communicate face to face virtually is the next best thing to being in person. A student and Teacher can engage in live conversations with the benefit of seeing each other's full expressions. A Teacher can also determine a student's level of understanding by observing both verbal and non-verbal communications, which informs her teaching strategy and strengthens the overall effectiveness of the session.


Upload and
Share Files

One of the great features of virtual tutoring is the ability of either the tutor and student to share and exchange files. The student can upload any stored document, video, or graphic files to share with their tutor. Tutors can also elect to share training materials that may be of benefit to the student. These materials can then be referenced during the session.


Audio Communication & live chat

Having the ability to live chat is an added bonus in a virtual tutoring environment. In addition to video conferencing and audio communication, the tutor and student can exchange ideas or instructions via text using live chat as needed.