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We specialize in helping you achieve your goals

AP Exams

We specialize in helping
you achieve your goals

AP® Exams: What you need to know about the AP® Exams

AP®, or Advanced Placement®, exams are formal assessments offered by the College Board and are taken each May by students. Most students take these advanced placement courses during high school, and the exams are a culmination of what was covered in their year-long program.  The exams are designed to measure how well a student has mastered the subject and skills covered in his or her AP® class. Similar to other high-stakes college and career readiness tests, AP® exams are administered under formal settings.  The benefit of taking an AP® exam is that most U.S. colleges give credit or advanced placement for students with good scores.

AP® Exams - Our Approach

Performance Analysis & Program Consultation:

We meet with our students and parents to review and analyze the student’s past performance on AP® Practice Exams or AP® classwork. This analysis allows us to build a unique set of aggressive, yet realistic, goals for our students. Our student goals always include not only an improvement in areas of weakness, but also a focused effort to maximize strengths.

Strategic Instructor Pairing (SIP):

We have found that students who have a propensity for mathematics approach both mathematical and verbal problems from a mathematical perspective, and vice versa. This phenomenon is the cornerstone of SIP. Using our findings from our diagnostic results and our program consultation, we pair students with instructors who approach academic problems from the same perspective. This unique strategic approach maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction.

Proven Methodology:

Our programs are built upon four components that lead to test-day success: strengthening core knowledge, developing concept identification and concept-specific skills, learning and applying test-specific strategies, and building retention and mastery through repeated, timed practice. Sessions are designed to touch on each of these four components to ensure the desired results.