About us

Our Mission: To Help ALL Students Achieve Academic Success

About us

Our Mission: To Help
ALL Students Achieve
Academic Success

About TEST SMART® Powered by PREPWORKS® Learning Centers

At TEST SMART®, we believe in our students and in their potential to achieve great results. We are committed to doing everything in our power to help each individual student make significant progress. TEST SMART® helps our students and their families benefit from a personalized approach to learning and test preparation.

Our History

In 2007, TEST SMART® Learning Centers was founded by Tracy LaFlamme Ortega under the name PREPWORKS®. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Tracy began her career in education more than twenty-five years ago as a high school English teacher. As standardized tests gained a new level of importance in the college admissions process, Tracy believed that the most widely accepted strategies did not address the demands of the current trends. Analyzing hundreds of standardized tests, ranging from secondary school admissions tests to college and graduate school entrance exams, Tracy embraced the role of both educator and entrepreneur to create a unique, systematic approach to standardized test preparation and academic achievement.

Firmly believing that technology is one of the great equalizers in education, Tracy was
inspired to create an adaptive and prescriptive e-learning platform. Focusing on the
outliers, Tracy led a team of engineers and subject matter experts to develop a solution that increased the academic performance of the most challenged and most competitive test-takers. PREPWORKS® Learning Positioning System® technology has served more than 450,000 teachers and students across 47 states and 76 countries.

In 2018, PREPWORKS® was acquired by ECS Learning Systems. With the announcement of the acquisition, ECS’ Chief Executive Officer David Cumberbatch asserted the company’s plans to continue to invest in the customer experience and grow the learning centers across the South East over the coming years.

The learning centers—now operating as TEST SMART® Powered by PREPWORKS®—continue to serve students and families, while PREPWORKS e-learning platform continues to serve schools and districts across the country. TEST SMART® will continue to be the exclusive learning center provider of
PREPWORKS® and remains committed to delivering personalized programs to enhance student outcomes through tutoring, customized programming and multiple methods of delivery.

Our Staff


Anthony Coloca

Managing Director, Learning Centers
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In his more than 20 years of experience at Kaplan Test Prep, Anthony began his career as an office and marketing manager in Gainesville, Florida, became the Director of Sales for Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, and later became the National Director of Pre-Law Programs, all while overseeing continual market growth. At ECS Learning Systems, Anthony is the managing director of the TEST SMART® Learning Centers in South Florida and is responsible for expanding the brand. Anthony earned a degree in advertising from the University of Florida.

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Jennifer Cespedes

Learning Center Director
Monique Rivera

Monique Rivera

Office Coordinator
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Nick Caride

Program Advisor
Academic Success max-bunster-test-smart-team

Max Bunster

Lead Instructor